Learning Assessments 

At Griffith Tutoring Centre learning is informed by the assessment of student progress. Students are assessed upon enrollment in order to identify areas for improvement and subsequent testing occurs throughout the year at the discretion of parents, clients and tutors. 

Grade-based mathematics assessments are used to gain a greater understanding of your student's progress so far. Test results are used to identify topic-based focus areas for future tutoring sessions. 


Our spelling assessment provides an age-based indication of each student's performance. Gaps in spelling are addressed through weekly homework sheets, spelling tests and revision activities.


Comprehension assessments provide an age-based indication of each student's performance. This test forms the foundation for future comprehension activities. 

Foundations of Literacy and Numeracy

Our foundational assessments test students' knowledge of basic literacy and numeracy concepts, including letter and number recognition, and phonics. Test results guide our tutors in preparing early learners to face their future education with confidence. 


Reading assessments provide an age-based indication of each student's performance. This test forms the basis for future reading activities. 


Griffith Tutoring Centre is always interested in how students perform at school. Feedback and advice from school teachers, copies of school reports and testing data provided by parents or third parties can assist our tutors to cater to the learning needs of each individual.

All new GTC students are entitled to a complimentary Learning Assessment prior to the commencement of their regular weekly tutoring sessions.
If you would like to access this service, please discuss this when enrolling your student.
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