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Session Information

Griffith Tutoring Centre offers weekly 80-minute tutoring sessions tailored to the individual learning needs of each student. Learning occurs within small groups, with a maximum of four students per tutor, ensuring that every client gets the attention required to grow, build confidence, and succeed in their academic endeavours.
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Managing Expectations

In our experience, students benefit the most from consistent attendance at weekly tutoring sessions. For those who attend regularly, their progress becomes evident through improved confidence and academic results. 

Most parents, students, and teachers report notable improvements in student learning outcomes after approximately six months of consistent weekly tutoring. 

Please note that, once enrolled, students are expected to attend their booked session every week during the school term. Students who have poor attendance, cannot be guaranteed their preferred tutor and may loose their booking to another enrollment. ​


Small Group Tutoring (K-12)

4:00pm - 5:20pm
5:30pm - 6:50pm
7:00pm - 8:20pm


Monday - Friday

 9:00am - 10:20am
10:30am - 12:00pm



80-minute weekly session

$700.00 per Term
(10 weeks)

60-minute Reading 

All bookings require a weekly attendance commitment for the duration of the school term. Clients who wish to pay each school term in advance will receive a 5% discount on the above fees. All other payments are processed weekly or fortnightly through our automated direct debit service provider, Ezidebit.


Additional Sessions / Catching Up

Occasionally students are away or desire additional sessions in the lead up to important assessment periods. When this occurs, it is your responsibility to provide staff with prior notice of your absenteeism so that arrangements for additional/catch-up sessions can be made. 

Please complete all details relevant to your student. You may return this to us in person at our centre or via email to 


"GTC has made a huge difference to my children's confidence and approach to their school work as well as an improvement in their grades. The tutor's are warm and welcoming and an excellent help in all academic areas."
"Amazing how these teachers help the children, they spend time to ensure each child understands. My daughter who is in year 10 had 1 session and as she walked down I could see massive smile on her face and she said "Mum, I finally understand how maths works" - proven in her next test as she got 48/50 compared to 4/50 in an earlier test. Highly recommended for anyone needing help on any level. Lovely, lovely people who genuinely are there to help the children."
"When my son started tutoring he lacked a lot of confidence in his school work as he always felt embarrassed to put his hand up and ask for help. After spending a year with Danielle he now has so much more confidence in class because he is understanding what he is being taught and the work he has to do. His grade’s improved massively and his last report card was the best one he has ever received by far. I’m very grateful for everything that Danielle and Griffith Tutoring Centre has done for my son."
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