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Our Areas of Expertise

Griffith Tutoring Centre specialises in a wide range of subject areas relevant to both primary students, secondary students and mature-age learners. 
With access to an extensive resource library and staff who are experienced lesson-planners, students will be supported regardless of their learning needs.

Griffith Tutoring Centre focuses extensively on all aspects of the English curriculum including; spelling, reading, writing, comprehension and vocabulary.

Adult Education

Griffith Tutoring Centre is equipped to support mature-aged learners who are completing their HSC studies through a tertiary education provider, or those who wish to improve their functional English language skills.


Does your child need help addressing learning gaps within the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum or would they prefer to be extended beyond the capabilities of their peers?

Life Skills

Education is not only about success in school, it is also about preparing students for life outside the classroom. Griffith Tutoring Centre can assist your child's development of practical Mathematics and English skills to assist in life and work. 

Assessments and Exam Preparation

Our Tutors are able to mentor students undertaking assessment tasks across a wide range of subject areas in order to enhance understanding, develop examination-based skills and improve students' ability to address marking guidelines.

Other Subjects

Our Tutors are experts in a wide variety of subject areas. If you are interested in receiving assistance in an area not listed here, please contact Griffith Tutoring Centre directly to speak with us about specialised support. 

Current Alternative Specialisations

Special Education
Extension English
Visual Arts
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