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Griffith Tutoring Centre welcomes all inquiries. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below and we will endeavour to reply as soon as we are able.  

For all inquiries, please call between the hours of 9am and 8:30pm Monday to Friday. 

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Shop 12-13 / 140 Banna Avenue



0474 328 911

Conditions of Enrollment 

We undertake to provide regular weekly lessons designed to the best of our abilities to improve your child’s standard in the subject(s) nominated. Your cooperation regarding the following will assist Griffith Tutoring Centre in maintaining a high level of service for all clients.

I am aware of the homework that is required for optimal academic improvement and will do my best to help my child and see that his/her homework is completed each week.


I understand that my child’s attendance must be regular and punctual for maximum benefit from GTC’s services to be achieved.


I acknowledge that in the case that my child disrupts the learning of other students, Griffith Tutoring Centre will bring this behaviour to my attention with the expectation that I work with my child to rectify this. If I am asked to collect my child due to inappropriate behaviour, I agree to do so immediately. I acknowledge that continued misbehaviour by my child will result in termination of service by Griffith Tutoring Centre.


I acknowledge that students must arrive at their lessons promptly to achieve maximum learning benefits and that I must also collect my child on time after their tutoring sessions, as Griffith Tutoring Centre’s Duty of Care does not extend beyond each child’s scheduled booking time.


I am aware that the toilets available to my child whilst at GTC are shared with members of the general public and that it is in the best interest of the safety of my child that I ensure that he/she has used the bathroom prior to their arrival at Griffith Tutoring Centre.


I acknowledge that, by enrolling my child, I am committing to weekly attendance during the school term until such time as I choose to terminate my child’s ongoing booking by notifying Griffith Tutoring Centre via SMS, phone call, email or in-person.


I understand that tuition fees are charged on a per-term basis and that, should I elect to make weekly/fortnightly payments through the direct debit provider (Ezidebit), I will do so for the duration of the term or until such time as I terminate my child’s enrolment at Griffith Tutoring Centre, even in cases where I fail to attend my booked sessions as per the relevant sections of this agreement.


In the case that my child is unable to attend their scheduled lesson, I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Griffith Tutoring Centre of this prior to my child’s scheduled lesson and to negotiate an alternative time for a catch-up lesson. Catch-up lessons are limited to 2 sessions/per student/per term and must be undertaken within the same invoiced term. Catch-up sessions cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. Any catch-up sessions that are cancelled or not organised by the client will be forfeited. I understand that failure to attend any scheduled lesson without having provided prior notice of non-attendance will result in forfeiture of that lesson’s fees. If Griffith Tutoring Centre cancels a scheduled session, a catch-up session, credit or refund will be offered as appropriate.


I understand that fees must be paid per-term in advance or via automated weekly direct debit payments collected by the third-party provider, Ezidebit. Any outstanding accounts must be settled prior to the following tutoring session to avoid refusal of service. The following direct debit fees will be added by the provider to each Ezidebit transaction;

  • Direct debit (bank account) - $0.99

  • Direct debit (Visa or Mastercard) – 1.99%

In the case of a failed payment transaction, Ezidebit will charge the client a Dishonour Fee of $9.90 and any outstanding session fees will be debited on the next payment date.


I hereby grant permission for GRIFFITH TUTORING CENTRE to publish, copyright, or use video, photographs, computer-generated imagery, and printed and spoken words/works in which I/my child is included, for use in media and marketing campaigns online and offline.


I understand that any resources that are lent to the student are done so on a weekly basis and must be returned to the centre within this timeframe. I understand that, where a loaned resources is not returned by the due date or is returned damaged, I must pay the fees incurred up to the value of replacement of the loaned item.


I give permission for Griffith Tutoring Centre to disclose relevant/essential personal and health information for the purpose of agreed reports/referrals.


I give permission for Griffith Tutoring Centre to discuss the learning needs of my child with other professional colleagues including, but not limited to, schoolteachers and medical professionals, to assist in developing appropriate resources, learning plans and teaching practices.


I understand that Griffith Tutoring Centre provides written student progress reports each semester and endeavours to have regular contact with clients in-centre. I understand that, additionally, I may request to speak with my child’s tutor when I drop them off or pick them up for their scheduled session. I may also ask to receive a phone call or arrange a meeting to discuss my child’s progress.