GTC Bright Stars

It's important to celebrate success, no matter how big or small. Our 'Bright Stars' page exists to feature those students and staff in our community who have made us proud through their studies, sport, community or otherwise.

"Write About What You Know"


English teachers can be heard saying this all the time, but what exactly does it mean?!

Year 10 student, Kade, recently achieved 14/15 in his English narrative task. Kade is a passionate collector of Apple Mac computers in his free time. 


Each phone call or knock on the door was more bad news. His palms started to feel numb and clammy. Shaking, he turned over the letter from the landlord. In bold, red ink spelt, 'Lease Termination Notice'. He jams the notice between two piles of yellowed and dog-eared MacWorld magazines from the 90's. An ignorant Tony squeezes through the tight, cramped hallway passing through old clothes, books, mail and into the damp smelling beige, grime covered kitchen and plopped into a hard wood chair. Observing the pile of clutter, rubbish and junk, he sighs in relief. Tony tries to extend his legs under the table and closes his eyes. 

He suddenly thought of what once filled this space; a new, spacious kitchen, with kids running around the house arguing, but most of all, a lovely wife. Tony remembers her quiet manner, nights together at this table when she would read her book and roll her eyes at him highlighting the Apple product catalogue. "you know you won't be able to afford all those!" Lisa groaned. "you do know we have two kids", gesturing at their photo on the fridge. 

Knock! The harsh, wooden sound of the doors fills the house. Tony jolts into the present and opens his eyes, shaking his head knowing exactly who's at the door. Tony presses his hands on his knees and stands up. Shuffling to the door stepping softly so as not to cause an avalanche of the hundreds of broken Macintoshes that wrap around the walls. Tony grasps the tarnished brass doorknob, unlocks the door chain and creaks the door open slowly. He locks eyes with the well-dressed man standing in front of him. Slim, freshly shaved cheeks, pin-striped jacket and bore a startling resemblance to a younger Tony. "Dad, seriously! After all the help I've offered you and you act like this," Linton declares, waving a copy of the notice in Tony's poor, unaware face. "What do you do with the money I give you?" questions Linton, barging through the doorway. Linton twitching his nose and swallowing bile rising in his throat, Shakes his head in disappointment as he looks around at his dad's 'collectables'. "Dad, you are ill. Mentally ill" he states. 

No wonder Mum left". Linton, out of intrigue, picks up a flat plastic beige box of the ground that has what looks to be a keyboard on the front of it with a metallic 'Apple II' badge. He knocks on the front of it. Tony's eyes widen, and abruptly he swipes it out of Linton's hands. "You have no respect for me, do you? Tears well up in Tony's eyes as he pets the Apple II badge on the computer. He stared at Linton and cried, "Get out!". Linton shook his head and crept backwards out of his father's home, tripping over jungles of wires and cables laced all over the ground. Slam!

Tony peeks out of the living room window, eyes following Linton's car reversing out of the cracked concrete driveway. Tony took a deep breath and stood up and walked over to the door and stared down at the pile of MacWorld magazines. He moved a pile to the side and fished around for the letter he received earlier. The paper brushed against his fingers and he grips it, Shakily. Rapidly, he rips the seal off the envelope and pinches the enclosed letter out. Fumbling, he struggles to grasp the corner of the document to unfold it. Tony reads the letter, brushing his fingers through his hair. In bold: 'Due: $6,500'. Tony stares at the number, crumpling the document with his left palm, forehead filling with sweat, cheeks burning and vision narrowing. Tony looks around the room for some sort of answer, but nothing appears. Pacing around the house looking for a solution, his eyes fall on the Apple II computer that his insensitive son disrespected. 

Tony picked up the Apple II, admiring it's beautiful body, feeling the smooth under body, and matte beige plastics on the upper case. Tony brings the computer to his face and sells it through it's aged keys. A beautiful old plastic musk fills his lungs. "This computer could be worth thousands, " Tony murmured. It dawned on him that his old computer might be his only ticket out of this situation. Tony sighs as he realises what he has to do. Clasping the computer, he holds it to his chest, "I'm sorry."

Tony leaves the house, still holding onto the Apple II he gently places it on the back seat of his sedan. He anxiously drives to the pawn shop on George Street. Approaching the shop the flickering pink neon 'Open' sign filled him with both dread and relief. Tony paraded the 'Apple II' into the shop, heart beating and blood rushing in his ears, he places it onto the counter. "I'd like to sell please."

The shopkeeper, David's, eyes widened, as he examined it closely rubbing his tobacco-stained fingers up and down the clean plastics. Tony's eye twitching. "I'll do $7,000 right now," David offered. In shock, Tony shook David's hand. Seventy green notes are stacked in his palm. Tony walked out looking back wistfully one last time at the first Macintosh he'd ever received. Tony sits back into his car, hands at ten and two on the wheel as he starts boldly driving to the Real Estate Agency. Tony walks up the stairs of the firm and unfolds the notice from his pocket, seeing only the bold letters: 'Due: $6,500'. 

GTC 2022 Bright Stars


Marley has been receiving generalist support at GTC for about 18 months. During that time, she first concentrated on improving her literacy and numeracy skills. Since beginning high school, support has centred around assessment preparation, homework and study habits.

Recently, Marley received results that reflect how hard she has been working. We would like to congratulate Marley on achieving 27/30 in her HSIE Vikings and Shoguns assessment.  Go Marley!


Hunter Nicolls_edited.jpg

Hunter, who is in Year 2, has been enrolled at GTC for 4 months. He joined us to receive support from Kelly in both English and Maths. 
Hunter's latest round of learning assessment results have blown us away;

Comprehension: +3yrs 2mths
Reading: +1yr 4mths
Maths (End of Grade 2): 75%

On top of this, Hunter has progressed 6 reading levels in his program at school.

Well done Hunter! 

Aotearoa Filipo_edited.jpg

Aotearoa has been attending tutoring with Jasmeet for 4 months. As a high achieving student, she was seeking clarification and extension in her maths. In her most recent Maths exam, Aotearoa achieved 37/40. We look forward to seeing how far she can go in the future. 


Apurv Patel_edited.jpg

Apurv has been attending tutoring with Dani since his family moved to Australia around 4 years ago. Learning to speak, read and write English was his first priority. 

This term, Apruv has been working tirelessly on his Poetry assessment for English. His efforts were rewarded with an A - the only one awarded in his class. We are so proud of how far he has come! 

Dante Salvestro.jpg

Dante joined GTC in February to focus on developing his skills, particularly in the areas of writing and spelling. 

He achieved the following results in the latest round of learning assessments;

- Comprehension +2yrs 1mth.
- Maths +25%
- Spelling +1yr 8mths
- Reading +11mths.

What a little legend! 

TJ Caqusau_edited.jpg

TJ is a Year 3 student who has been working with us to improve his literacy and numeracy skills for two terms. He is a quiet, independent student who has performed especially well in English testing areas. 

- Comprehension +1yr 10mths.
- Reading +1yr 2mths.

Not only has TJ's mum noticed an improvement in his abilities but she also received positive feedback from his teacher at school! What a great outcome!

Imogen Stockton_edited.jpg

Imogen is a friendly student, who has been attending tutoring since the beginning of the year. She receives general assistance with English and Mathematics. Imogen and her sister attend one session a week together. They always arrive smiling and ready to learn. 

Imogen showed considerable improvement in her spelling this testing cycle, making 11 months' worth of progress within 4 calendar months. 

You go girl! 

Blake SAlvestro_edited.jpg

Blake is a bright student who has been attending GTC for around a term. His initial learning assessments showed weaknesses in both literacy and numeracy. The individual attention he received at tutoring helped him to clarify his understanding and build 
confidence quickly. 

Blake's recent learning assessments showed the following improvements;

- Maths +19%
- Spelling +10mths
- Reading +1yr 7mths
- Comprehension +1yr 2mths

Congratulations Blake! Keep up the fantastic work!

Jackson Dunn_edited.jpg

Jackson has been receiving tuition support on and off for a few years. He comes back to us whenever his learning needs a bit of a boost. Last time we saw him, he worked on developing his English skills and improved so much that he received a Reading Award at school.

This time, Jackson joined us to focus on his Mathematics. After 5 months of hard work, Jackson made a 38% improvement in his Learning Assessment results with a score of 97%. The best part of this for us, was being able to witness his sense of achievement.

He is now ready to tackle Maths at the next level. Well done Jackson, we look forward to seeing what you can do next!

Shiv Bhatt_edited.jpg

Shiv has been enrolled at GTC for 14 months. Whilst his progress was initially slow, the structured nature of his sessions and a lot of hard work have created the habits he needed in order to thrive.
This semester, Shiv has shown considerable progress;

- Comprehension +1yr 2mths.
- Maths +28%
- Spelling +8mths
- Reading +1yr 2mths.

Congratulations Shiv! 

2021 Testimonials 

"Our son’s grades improved dramatically, he has so much more confidence and it is amazing the difference tutoring can make. Aydan found Dani exceptional to talk to and highly valued her direction and critique. A truly rewarding experience for Aydan and wonderful assurance for us as his parents."

-- SUSANNA, Griffith

"Danielle is extremely professional. I am more confident now to undertake my postgraduate degree. It doesn't matter your age or education level, Danielle will go above and beyond to give you the best experience."

- KATE, Griffith

"GTC is a friendly and positive environment for children to learn in. Each lesson has a clear learning intention attached which is wonderful. Follow up homework is also provided. A fantastic centre for learning."

- CARRI, Griffith

"The Griffith Tutoring Centre was just the learning support we are looking for to get our son confidence and ahead with his education. It has been a gradual process but well worth the investment."

- TAMILEIGH, Coleambally

"When my son started tutoring he lacked a lot of confidence in his school work as he always felt embarrassed to put his hand up and ask for help. After spending a year with Danielle he now has so much more confidence in class because he is understanding what he is being taught and the work he has to do. His grade’s improved massively and his last report card was the best one he has ever received by far. I’m very grateful for everything that Danielle and Griffith Tutoring Centre has done for my son and definitely recommend them to anyone who is thinking about getting their child some help with their school work."

"Amazing how these teachers help the children, they spend time to ensure each child understands. My daughter who is in year 10 had 1 session and as she walked down I could see massive smile on her face and she said "Mum, I finally understand how maths works" - proven in her next test as she got 48/50 compared to 4/50 in an earlier test. Highly recommended for anyone needing help on any level. Lovely, lovely people who genuinely are there to help the children."

"GTC has made a huge difference to my children's confidence and approach to their school work as well as an improvement in their grades. The tutor's are warm and welcoming and an excellent help in all academic areas."

"Just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for Charli over the past 18 months. She would not be where she is today without everything you have done."

- BEK, Griffith

"Griffith Tutoring Centre has increased my daughter's confidence in just a short time, she is understanding school work more clearly now, especially with maths, and this growth is reflected in her half yearly report."

GTC 2021 Bright Stars


Charli joined Griffith Tutoring Centre in Term 3, 2020, with a desire to improve her Year 11 assessment results. Since then, Charli has been consistently receiving support from Dani in Standard English, Mathematics Standard 2 and other HSC level subjects.

Last week, with a beaming smile on her face, Charli excitedly told us how she achieved a result of 89% in her recent Financial Mathematics test.

Well done Charli! We are super proud of your hard work and positive attitude!


Nag is a current Year 5 student who has been attending Griffith Tutoring Centre since Term 1 of 2021. During that time, he has worked with several different Primary and Generalist tutors; Dani, Lal and Caitlin. Nag has proven himself to be an enthusiastic and motivated learner. Nag's end of year testing demonstrated that he is now performing well above age in both English and Mathematics and, that over the course of the past twelve months, he has made the following improvements;

Reading + 1 year, 11 moths

Spelling + 4 years, 7 months

Mathematics 66% (End of Grade 6 Test)

Comprehension and writing will now become the focus of his future tuition sessions. Nag is to be congratulated on his hard work and success. 


Sofiya has been attending Griffith Tutoring Centre for the past twelve months. During that time, she has worked with multiple tutors. Sofiya's intake assessments indicated a need for improvement across all areas of literacy and numeracy. 

Every week, Sofiya arrives to her session with a smile, ready to work hard. Recently, she provided us with her NAPLAN results which showed that she is moving closer to  grade average in all areas. Outstandingly, Sofiya performed literally off the charts in the Grammar and Punctuation section of the test. She is extremely proud of her efforts, as are we. This achievement has had an obvious impact on her self-confidence in learning. Big congratulations Sofiya! 

Arya ISra Maddie_edited.jpg

Arya, Isra and Madison all attend tutoring together. They are all in Year 4 and complete a combination of individual and group tasks during their sessions.

Their end of year testing showed some impressive achievements this semester:

Arya—Spelling (+1yr , 8mths), Comprehension (+1yr, 3mths).

Isra— Spelling (+1yr, 2mths), Comprehension (+1yr).

Madison— Comprehension (+1yr, 8mths).

Dean Preuss Merit Award 2021_edited.jpg

Year 5 student, Dean, has been working hard at tutoring to improve his English and Maths skills. Recently, his efforts to improve his times tables were recognised by his school. We love it when our students are celebrated in their community!


Well done Dean!


Year 8 student, Jarra, has been attending GTC for approximately a year and a half. He is a positive and hard working student. The main aim of Jarra’s tuition has been to improve his foundational literacy and numeracy skills.


Jarra is to be congratulated on his achievements this semester: Reading (+2yrs, 7mths), Comprehension (+2yrs, 1mth).

Mathematics will now become the main focus of Jarra's future tuition sessions. Keep up the great work!


Wilmari has been attending GTC twice a week for 8 months. When she joined us, Wilmari’s family had just moved to Griffith from South Africa and she was struggling to adjust to classes being taught in English at school.


Wilmari has made solid friendships with the other children who attend the centre and has a productive relationship with her tutor.


We are so proud of her positive attitude and efforts this year: Maths (+<1yr), Spelling (+1yr, 6mths), Reading (+2yrs, 3mths), Comprehension (+<2yrs). 

Kingston reading award 2_edited.jpg

Kingston is in Year 3. When he began tuition with us in February, he had difficulty remembering all sounds from the alphabet and was unable to connect them to form simple words. During the most recent 6 months, he has made phenomenal progress and is now reading more fluently, can sound out many four and five letter words, and has an ever-expanding bank of sight words in his vocabulary.


Our recent testing data indicates that his reading has advanced 1 year, 4 months during this time. In 2022, Kingston will continue to work towards Year 4 standards.

Just look at that smile! Well done Kingston!