GTC Bright Stars

It's important to celebrate success, no matter how big or small. Our 'Bright Stars' page exists to feature those students and staff in our community who have done us proud in their studies, sport, community or otherwise.


"Our son’s grades improved dramatically, he has so much more confidence and it is amazing the difference tutoring can make. Aydan found Dani exceptional to talk to and highly valued her direction and critique. A truly rewarding experience for Aydan and wonderful assurance for us as his parents."

-- SUSANNA, Griffith

"Danielle is extremely professional. I am more confident now to undertake my postgraduate degree. It doesn't matter your age or education level, Danielle will go above and beyond to give you the best experience."

- KATE, Griffith

"GTC is a friendly and positive environment for children to learn in. Each lesson has a clear learning intention attached which is wonderful. Follow up homework is also provided. A fantastic centre for learning."

- CARRI, Griffith

"The Griffith Tutoring Centre was just the learning support we are looking for to get our son confidence and ahead with his education. It has been a gradual process but well worth the investment."

- TAMILEIGH, Coleambally

"When my son started tutoring he lacked a lot of confidence in his school work as he always felt embarrassed to put his hand up and ask for help. After spending a year with Danielle he now has so much more confidence in class because he is understanding what he is being taught and the work he has to do. His grade’s improved massively and his last report card was the best one he has ever received by far. I’m very grateful for everything that Danielle and Griffith Tutoring Centre has done for my son and definitely recommend them to anyone who is thinking about getting their child some help with their school work."

"Amazing how these teachers help the children, they spend time to ensure each child understands. My daughter who is in year 10 had 1 session and as she walked down I could see massive smile on her face and she said "mum I finally Understand how maths works" proven in her next test as she got 48/50 compared to 4/50 in earlier test. Highly recommended for anyone needing help on any level. Lovely lovely people who genuinely are there to help the children."

"GTC has made a huge difference to my children's confidence and approach to their school work as well as an improvement in their grades. The tutor's are warm and welcoming and an excellent help in all academic areas."

"Griffith Tutoring Centre has increased my daughter's confidence in just a short time, she is understanding school work more clearly now, especially with maths and this growth is reflected in her half yearly report."

GTC Bright Stars (2021)


Kade has been receiving tuition support from Dani for more than 3 years. When he began late in Year 5, he was falling behind due to having low confidence in his own abilities, especially in maths.

These days, as a high-achieving Year 9 student, Kade has been heard to say such things as "I love maths now!" and "Geography is just so good!"

Last week, Kade's HSIE report on Biomes received a mark of 52/55. His writing style has evolved beyond his years. We are super proud of his achievements!

Kade's story is a great example of how hard work, curiosity and a productive student-tutor relationship can impact positively upon academic success.


Nag is a current Year 5 student who has been attending Griffith Tutoring Centre since Term 1 of 2021. During that time, he has worked with several different Primary and Generalist tutors; Dani, Lal and Caitlin. Nag has proven himself to be an enthusiastic and motivated learner. Nag's end of year testing demonstrated that he is now performing well above age in both English and Mathematics and, that over the course of the past twelve months, he has made the following improvements;

Reading + 1 year, 11 moths

Spelling + 4 years, 7 months

Mathematics 66% (End of Grade 6 Test)

Comprehension and writing will now become the focus of his future tuition sessions. Nag is to be congratulated on his hard work and success. 


Sofiya has been attending Griffith Tutoring Centre for the past twelve months. During that time, she has worked with multiple tutors. Sofiya's intake assessments indicated a need for improvement across all areas of literacy and numeracy. 

Every week, Sofiya arrives to her session with a smile, ready to work hard. Recently, she provided us with her NAPLAN results which showed that she is moving closer to  grade average in all areas. Outstandingly, Sofiya performed literally off the charts in the Grammar and Punctuation section of the test. She is extremely proud of her efforts, as are we. This achievement has had an obvious impact on her self-confidence in learning. Big congratulations Sofiya! 

Dean Preuss Merit Award 2021_edited.jpg

Year 5 student, Dean, has been working hard at tutoring to improve his English and Maths skills. Recently, his efforts to improve his times tables were recognised by his school. We love it when our students are celebrated in their community!


Well done Dean!


Charli joined Griffith Tutoring Centre in Term 3, 2020, with a desire to improve her Year 11 assessment results. Since then, Charli has been consistently receiving support from Dani in Standard English, Mathematics Standard 2 and other HSC level subjects.

Last week, with a beaming smile on her face, Charli excitedly told us how she achieved a result of 89% in her recent Financial Mathematics test.

Well done Charli! We are super proud of your hard work and positive attitude!